Greetings new members of Dwarven Kingdom! Thank you so much for supporting this server during its first week of launch. As you may or may not have heard, we plan on doing weekly news updates to let the players know about how much has changed each week. Generally speaking, each update should be in the same format as this one and will also give a few shoutouts to members who have helped the server this week. With that being said, let's start the news update.

Our discord server has not had too many updates this week, but we have done the following.

  • Added ranks for each of the donator ranks
  • Added a #suggestions channel where you can give us feedback
  • Added a #known-bugs channel to let players see my progress on cracking down the server bugs

Our website has had several changes this week, some of which you cannot see just yet. The following is the list of changes.

  • Fixed donations being sent to the wrong email
  • Added 85% of the donation items (still working on ranks)
  • Set up the twitch streaming list at the bottom of the website's front page
  • Started working on a Wikipedia for the server. This will include full documentation of your commands, and the lore of the server. Only 1% done, will be working on it today.

This is where most of the changes happened this week ranging from builds to bug fixes.

  • Found the issue where you die when you do /rtp. Should be fixed, if it's not I know how to fix it.
  • Fixed an admin side issue that was minor.
  • Removed support for 1.13.X as it causes dozens of severe bugs for the client which we can not fix.
  • Removed the scoreboard plugin as it caused tps drops to 1-3, and crashed the server. Will be looking for replacements on a remote environment.
  • Set up half the donation ranks and perks
  • Removed the old admin shop and replaced it with an npc shop. This shop is 80% done, just need to add some immersive elements.
  • Added McMMO due to the large demand
  • Changed the keybind of McMMO abilities to be shift + right-click to reduce misfires.
  • Should have fixed ghost blocks that are a result of the McMMO mining ability.
  • Added a lighting plugin that will allow cooler lighting in server builds.
  • Started developing the first server dungeon. The build is 60%-75% done.
  • Started developing the first dungeon mobs and bosses. Should be 60%-90% done.
  • Created the enchanter's shop at spawn. Will not be set up until the first dungeon is released.
  • Added a custom pets plugin. These pets have skill trees and more. There are plans to make even more custom pets and to add custom skill trees.
  • Added a pet store at /warp shop.
  • Set up an automatic restart every 12 hours.
  • Fixed playtime ranks not working. Will be adding rewards for each rank-up next.
  • Added a jobs plugin. Still needs to be customized.
  • Fixed reaction time minigame so that all words work.
  • Enabled mob griefing in the overworld so that villager farms will work.
  • Enabled claims in the end and the nether.
  • Fixed players not receiving play time-based claim block rewards.
  • Added 3 more vote rewards. Will all more at a later date.
  • Set up blocks crate for miner-rank +
  • Fixed mob spawners stacking.
  • Fixed Diamond blocks stacking.
  • Added guardian drops to the tinkers shop.
  • Added pumpkins to the farmer shop.
  • Added a plugin that requires only 50% of players to sleep.
  • Balanced shop sell prices.
  • You can now sell vanilla spawners at the spawner shop.
  • Nerfed some spawner sell prices
  • Added a custom enchants plugin.
  • Started looking for a developer for a custom loot bag plugin.
  • Added a development server so we can work on configs without messing with the main server.

Current Bugs
These are bugs that are being investigated and fixed.

  • 1 server-side issue (Has no effect on gameplay)
  • Website is "not secure" according to chrome. I think I know the cause, it should be an easy fix once I get to it.
  • Tab does not always update. Looking into fixes.
  • Crates plugin does not show holograms. (There might be a fix, but I plan to replace the plugin to begin with)
  • Blazes do not stack (Going to contact the plugin author soon.)

Plans for this week
The following are the plans that I have for this week that I want to get done soon.

  • Finish the first dungeon and its custom mobs.
  • Add a new nether spawn.
  • Start working on the mob arena.
  • Start working on adding quests.
  • Start working on pet skill trees.
  • Work on server wiki.
  • Rebalance jobs (will be an increase in money likely)
  • Add custom mob drops for custom mobs.
  • Create kill quests for mobs.
  • Set up a Minecraft Chat discord bot.
  • Clean up /music.
  • Finish donation ranks.
  • Add playtime rank rewards.
  • Replace all images in the donation store.

New staff members!
We got two new trial mods on our staff team this week. They are Everyon3 and Revvingliam34. Be sure to welcome them if you haven't already!

New donators!
A huge shout out to the following people for smashing our monthly goal in the first week!

  • PeppermintFluff
  • AwooCrewAsh
  • Yiukchao
  • Biscuit_

This is been a wild week with finding bugs and fixing issues, but things should be settling down soon. Our current plan is to only do some minor advertising for now, but once we have several dungeons up, more custom mobs, and some other RPG elements we will be looking more into advertising. Stay tuned for more update news!