Greetings new members of Dwarven Kingdom! This weekly news update is coming out later in the day than I will normally do, so expect them to be earlier in the day next time.

Once again there were not too many updates for the discord server, however, we did start working on something neat.

  • Added a Minecraft chat to discord bot. Still being configured so that you can talk to players online through discord.

Our website has had a few different changes this week.

  • Added the rest of the donation ranks.
  • Changed every donation icon in the donation store
  • Planned out more of the Wiki

Most of the changes on the server this week was time-consuming, but certainly needed.

  • Added the discord bot plugin and configured it.
  • Added a utility plugin for administrators.
  • Finished building the first dungeon.
  • 50% of the custom mobs for the first dungeon has been created.
  • Started the development of a Custom Equipment Loot Bag plugin.
  • Planned out how custom enchantments will be incorporated into the server.
  • Replaced the old ugly nether spawn.
  • Tweaked how mob stacking works (still working on some parts)
  • Finished the donation ranks.
  • Minor config tweaks on multiple plugins.
  • Prepared for the mob arena

Current Bugs
These are bugs that are being investigated and will likely be fixed.

  • Website is "not secure" according to chrome. I think I know the cause, it should be an easy fix once I get to it.
  • Tab does not always update. Looking into fixes.
  • Crates plugin does not show holograms. (There might be a fix, but I plan to replace the plugin, to begin with)

Plans for this week
The following are the plans that I have for this week that I want to get done soon.

  • Finish the first dungeons custom mobs
  • Possibly have the equipment loot bags set up?
  • Start working on the mob arena.
  • Start working on adding quests.
  • Start working on pet skill trees.
  • Work on server wiki.
  • Rebalance jobs (will be an increase in money likely)
  • Add custom mob drops for custom mobs.
  • Create kill quests for mobs.
  • Add an automatic announcement plugin
  • Clean up /music.
  • Add playtime rank rewards.

New staff members!
There has been no changes with our staff team this week.

New donators!
Sadly we have not seen any new donators this week.

This week has focused on some more long term projects and less bug fixing, so that's why it is shorter than last weeks. Expect some more long term projects to be finished by next week.