Greetings new members of Dwarven Kingdom! This week we focused on the enchants for the most part, and we made some good progress with that. But on top of that, we started to develop a modded server and the modpack with the most votes is direwolf20 1.12.2. Due to that, we have also started developing that this week.

We made some minor changes to the discord which you can see below.

  • Added #polls
  • Added a poll bot
  • Fixed the Vanilla Server Discord bot's name.

We have not had a major need to change anything on our website this week.
Vanilla Server
Most of the changes on the server this week was time-consuming, but certainly needed.

  • Made the jobs plugin pay you 5x more than before
  • Set up a GUI for the new enchantment shop
  • Added a /warp enchant
  • Fixed the obsidian breaker enchant
  • Buffed and nerfed a few dozen enchants
  • Fixed a few minor bugs

Direwolf20 Server
You guys voted for it, so we have started to develop a Direwolf20 1.12.2 server. Here is what we have done so far.

  • Pregened the main world to be 19k x 19k
  • Set up spawn
  • Found and set up the basic sponge forge plugins
  • Set up most of the ranks
  • Created a starter kit
  • Set up infinite water and lava ender tank which you can see at spawn
  • Prepared for the banned items list (There will be a post in the next 3 days with this list)

Current Bugs
These are bugs that are being investigated and will likely be fixed.

  • Website is "not secure" according to chrome. I think I know the cause, it should be an easy fix once I get to it.
  • Tab does not always update. (Looking for an alternative plugin)
  • Crates plugin does not show holograms. (The plugin will eventually be replaced)

Plans for this week
The following are the plans that I have for this week that I want to get done soon.

  • Finish the first dungeons custom mobs (The person developing these mobs have had some things IRL come up, so it likely won't be this week sadly)
  • Start working on adding quests.
  • Work on server wiki.
  • Add custom mob drops for custom mobs.
  • Add an automatic announcement plugin
  • Add playtime rank rewards.
  • Create crates and donation rank rewards for the modded server.

Staff Changes!
Demoted revvingliam3 due to inactivity.

New donators!
Sadly we have not seen any new donators this week.

This week focused on the enchants for the most part, as they took a while to fix and set up. We have also started to work on a modded server to help increase the servers overall player base. Our current plan is to build up the modded server and work on the survival server in the background. Any donation ranks and streamer ranks will carry over to the modded server, however, staff ranks and playtime ranks will not. If you wish to apply to become a staff member on our modded server, there will be a new application set up this week.