Wow it been a month already? Times went by pretty fast, and we have started to work on a direwolf20 1.12 server this week. You may have noticed some minor changes on the website and the discord to adapt to this new addition. Anyhow, let's talk about what we have added this week.

We made some minor changes to the discord which you can see below.

  • Added #Direwolf20
  • Changed #General into #vanilla-survival
  • Changed #Off-topic into #General

We have made a few changes this week for the new server.

  • Renamed the Dwarven Kingdom Server forum to Vanilla Survival Server
  • Copied the Vanilla Survival Server forum and called it the Direwolf20 1.12 Server
  • Changed the wiki a bit to fit both servers.
Vanilla Survival Server
Not many changes this week as I have been focusing on the Direwolf20 server.

  • Set /kit starter to be a first join kit.

Direwolf20 Server
We have made quite a bit of progress on the server this week, the plan is to release it sometime this week. Only things mainly left to do is to finish the crates, donator ranks, shops, reaction time, and auto rank.

  • Planned out all of the items for the crates
  • Set up the vote crate
  • Set up a bunch of perms
  • Turned on keep inventory
  • Created an area for plot shops.
  • Set a few warps for /warp shop
  • Created a void dimension
  • Set up warps to the end, nether, mining dimension, and void dimension
  • Added and configured a few plugins
  • Added automatic restarts

Current Bugs
These are bugs that are being investigated and will likely be fixed.

  • Website is "not secure" according to chrome. I think I know the cause, it should be an easy fix once I get to it.
  • Tab does not always update. (Looking for an alternative plugin)
  • Crates plugin does not show holograms. (The plugin will eventually be replaced)
  • On Direwolf20, the recipe for iron gears makes iron frames. (just need to change a recipe)

Plans for this week
The following are the plans that I have for this week that I want to get done soon.

  • Work on server wiki.
  • Add playtime rank rewards.
  • Create crates and donation rank rewards for the modded server.
  • Set up a player shop on the modded server
  • Set up donor ranks on the modded server
  • Set up a reaction time system on the modded server
  • Set up autorank on the modded server
  • Publish the modded server

Staff Changes!
Added ghost_s12 to as a moderator for the modded server.

New donators!
Sadly we have not seen any new donators this week.

This week we had some downtime due to scheduled maintenance by the server host, but between that, we have made some good progress on the modded server. We should be on schedule and we can likely publish it sometime this week.